What Do I Feed My Beagle?

tiny beagles

Source: Tiny Beagles

This is a commonly asked question and feeding is something you have to be careful about because you don’t want your beagle to become overweight.

An overweight dog can develop diabetes and have problems within their ligaments and joints if you’re not careful. Beagles will burn calories faster than other breeds, so you will need to change their food as they get older and based on the exercise they get.

When you work with a breeder, they will be handling nutrition through the age of 8 weeks. It is law that a puppy stays with the dam up until that point. By the fifth week, solid food will be introduced. Homemade food is going to have the highest level of nutrition and have a lot of preservatives. Use a food processor to blend chicken, carrots and rice. You can use meal replacer and then use less and less so it is more solid and less like soup.

Your breeder is likely going to make some recommendations and these should be followed. If you do decide to go with manufacturer foods, choose a high quality food that has less fillers.

By the age of 8 weeks, scheduled feedings should be in place. Free feeding is not a good idea because it makes it harder to housebreak your beagle. A firm schedule also leads to a better-behaved dog.


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