U.K. couple claims to have cloned their dead dog after paying $137,000

Earlier this week some bizarre dog news hit the spotlights all around the world when a British couple claimed to have cloned their dead dog and received 2 two pups who were born to separate surrogate mothers.


Sooam Biotech Research Foundation

The two puppies – named Chance and Shadow – were born in Seoul, South Korea a couple of days ago in the dubious Sooam Biotech Research Foundation which allegedly managed to have sucesfully cloned a dog back in 2007.

The has been in the news for quite some time now with both positive and negative mentions from major news websites.

Some state that the company has opened up pretty much all their knowledge about cloning and will speak to the press freely about the cloning process whilst others claim that the company does not truly clone dogs but simply breeds them through in vitro fertilization, a process where eggs are fertilized outside the body of the mother.


The British couple is said to have paid a staggering $137,000 to the company in order for them to ‘revive’ their dead bulldog Dylan in the form of 2 clones.

Chance and Shadow will have to stay in quarantine for the next couple of weeks and will be monitored closely since the whole dog cloning thing is still pretty new and not even the researchers really know if the two pups will grow up to be healthy.


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