Owner attaches GoPro camera to collar and lets her dog take pictures in the park!

Ever seen of a dog who’s a better photographer than most humans with a camera?

Well neither had we until we came across Susie Kixmoeller, from Minnesota who attached a GoPro camera to her dogs collar and let her take some amazing photo’s down at the dog park!


Raising awareness for rescue dogs

The 17 year old girl from Minnesota had the genius idea to attach a GoPro action camera, (you know, the small ones that are used to capture extreme sports footage and stuff) to her lab’s collar and let her take pictures at the dog park.

As you can see in the pictures, the results are amazing as we get to see the dogs genuine reaction to each other just after their first meeting.


Susie explains that she has always liked photography and dogs, but combining the two isn’t always as easy as it seems because many dogs at the dog park have better things to do than stop and pose for a nice picture ;-)

And that’s where the idea came from to let her lab Tula take over the job and let her photograph her own adventures in the dog park. The GoPro camera takes about 2 pictures every second which means that a one hour walk in the park will roughly result in over 7,000 snapshots of dogs running around and barking at each other.


Susie also says that with her unique idea she hopes to raise more awareness for sanctuary and rescue dogs, as well as therapy dog programs since her own lab (Tula) was found abandoned on the side of the road in a bird cage.

Tula has since been adopted by Susie and now works as a therapy dog at a children’s hospital in Minnesota.



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