Hunting Tips with Your Beagle

Rabbits and beagles go together like tea and honey. They are such a natural combination that many hunters automatically own beagles in order to help with their game.

Rabbits have a small range of home and they won’t leave that area. When a beagle comes bounding in, they aren’t going to get far before they turn around because of feeling as though they left their comfort zone. This is when the beagle can pounce and make it easy for the hunter to step in.

If you plan on catching rabbits in quantity or in a short period of time, you will want to increase your pack to more than one beagle. This will allow them to work together. Additionally, when you have them at home, they are going to keep each other company.

You will be able to follow the chase easily by listening for the baying of the beagle. This can sound like the best music ever when you’re out hunting.

There are some important tips to follow:

  1. Don’t rush the beagle. Let your dog get in there and sniff out all the hiding spots for dogs.
  2. Don’t follow too close. If you back off, your dog will have more time to work the cover. Let their noses get into everything. When they bay, you’ll hear them so you can get your shotgun into position.
  3. Develop patience. The beagles won’t need much practice. You need to have the most patience because the bunnies and beagles are going to have a little fun with each other. It’s all part of the chase. Once you step back and enjoy the show, you’ll learn to be more patient.
  4. Teach your dog to swim. When you are hunting in bottomland rabbit areas, the beagle needs to be able to run or swim through water in order to access all of the best areas.
  5. Hunt under the best conditions. Remember that moist, cool water will help to hold the scent. This is going to make it easier for the beagles to sniff out the rabbits and allow you to have a better day of hunting.