First prize of the 139th Westminster dog show goes to Miss P the Beagle

Last week the 139th highly prestigious Westminster dog show ended with Miss P the beagle besting nearly 2,700 competitors and taking home the Best in Show award!



2,700 dogs and 192 breeds from 15 different countries

Miss P is a bouncy 4 year old Beagle whose owner is Canadian. The Beagle happens to be related to Uno, the first ever beagle who won the prestigious award back in 2008!

For those who don’t know, the Westminster dog show is the second longest running sporting event in the United States just after the Kentucky Derby. Every year the event brings together thousands of top dogs from all around the world to compete in several categories.

This year counted nearly 2,700 different dogs and 192 unique breeds from 15 countries all around the world!

Miss P managed to win on the first night of the event in the hound group together with a dark standard poodle named Flame who won in the non-sporting group. And last but not least there’s Swagger, a 110lb old English sheepdog who won in the herding group.


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