FAQs About the Beagle

snoopy-coloring-pages-3So you think you might want to own a beagle? Before you contact a breeder and purchase one, it’s important to know about the breed in terms of their history, their temperament and who should own them. You may recognize Snoopy was a beagle, which has led to this dog breed being one of the most popular. Beagles are commonly ranked within the top 5 breeds to own amongst all breeds in the world.

What’s the history of beagles?

Throughout the 1500s, Englishmen had packs of hounds that would help with hunting. Beagles were used for hunting rabbits. Their name comes from the French world “be’geule” from the baying voice they have when pursuing game in the fields.

What’s the general size of a beagle?

The AKC defines a beagle as being 15 inches tall or under. Generally they are a compact size and easy to take in the car and anywhere else. With the proper diet, they shouldn’t weigh more than 2.5 stone.

What makes a beagle a good pet?

Beagles are commonly known as happy-go-lucky dogs and they are great with children, making them a popular family pet. They are easy to care for and known for being healthy. They spent centuries being a pack dog and therefore they get along with other dogs as well as lots of people. Since they are natural born sniffers, they need to stay entertained, otherwise their nose will lead them into adventures that usually spell trouble

What kind of game can I hunt with a beagle?


Beagle Facts
Source: Dog-breeds-101.com

Since the beagle is one of the smaller dogs in the hound group, your game is going to be smaller as well. They are ideal for hunting rabbits and hare. The more you plan on hunting, the more you should increase the size of your pack.

When did the AKC recognize the beagle?

The beagle was recognized as its own breed in the hound group in 1885. Since then, the beagle has been a common dog to be entered in dog shows and breed competitions around the globe.