Brush Your Beagle’s Teeth

The teeth of your beagle needs to be a top concern. While you may not think of teeth brushing when you think about caring for a dog, it is something very important. The good news is that you don’t have a lot of pet care and grooming to worry about with a beagle, so the teeth are one of the only things to worry about.

When you go into any pet supply store, you will be able to find dog toothbrushes and toothpaste. On a weekly basis, you will want to sit them down and brush their teeth. This should be started at any early age so they grow accustomed to it. It may be a battle at first, but eventually they will get used to the weekly occurrence.

Additionally, you should take your beagle to the veterinarian on a regular basis for what’s commonly known as a “Full Dental.” This is where the plaque is removed from the teeth. A dog scraper is used to literally scrape all of the plaque off their teeth. Any loose plaque should be wiped onto a washcloth if you choose to do it on your own. Loose plaque can be swallowed by the dog and can become toxic.

puppyIf you do go to a vet for this, it should be done annually. It’s likely that they will sedate the dog to make it easier to perform the services. X-rays will often be taken as well to determine if there are any other problems that they should be aware of.

Giving your dog rawhide bones and other items can improve their teeth and gums. Watch what you are feeding your dog to ensure they don’t develop any problems with their teeth or end up with bad breath.


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