5 Tips for Creating a Memory of Your Dog

Whether you prefer beagles or Dobermans, dogs are a member of the family. Their loyalty and flat out love owners easily embeds them in daily lives. The toughest times can seem lighter when we see those eyes staring at us.

beagleWith that in mind, here are a few things for creating great memories of our dogs so that we can look back and rekindle their antics the same way we do everything else.

Create a Scrapbook
We do it for family memories, for the new baby, to commemorate a wedding or 16th birthday. Why not have one for Spike? Chances are you took a few pics when you brought the lug home. Use them as a starting point.

Make Experiences
Dogs have keen memories. Lady will remember a specific tree or room where she’s enjoyed herself. Share as many days at the park as time allows, or walk the beach. When you stop to buy a hot dog, get Lady one. It won’t be long before she gets excited about words like beach.

Use a Unique Shampoo
When grooming King, use a special body soap or shampoo, or other unique scent that will always remind you of your dog. Pick a good smell that will belong to King and nothing else. We all have strong memories of a perfume or cologne, even house odors, of people we care about.

Create a Canvas Print
There is no better way to make memories than through the images on your wall, especially on canvas. Canvas offers a sophisticated and gallery quality presentation. Whether it’s the dog alone or a family shot with the pet, there is no greater indication of your affection.

Whenever possible, take Sandy with you on vacation and other short trips. So many memories are tied to special places like our trips. If Sandy’s there she becomes a part of the memory. Don’t forget to take pictures for the scrapbook.



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